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BioDerm Inc.  designs, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells a proprietary line of medical devices and male urinary incontinence management products. Our hydrocolloid expertise is used to develop next generation products for urinary incontinence management, universal securement, infection control and skin management. The company is headquartered in Largo, Florida, with a predominance of products manufactured locally and in the United States.

BioDerm’s products are a result of over a decade of research, development, and continual upgrades using improved materials, methods, and user feedback. The Liberty product was originally conceived by the company’s founder, Dr. Dennis Kay, based on his own personal experience with urinary incontinence. Dr. Kay knew there was a better way to manage men’s incontinence than the traditional methods such as adult diapers, condom catheters, etc. All BioDerm products aim to provide a superior patient experience through added comfort, reliability and safety.

Company History

1991: BioDerm, Inc. is founded by Dennis Kay as a research-only organization.

1998: Two-Piece External Incontinence Device patent approved in Canada & the European Union

2004: Urine Collection Assembly patent approved in: U.S., Canada, & EU

2006: BioDerm begins testing sales of a redesigned and improved Liberty catheter with integral collection chamber; Medicare Part B reimbursement is granted under HCPCS Code A4326; First international sales begin to the UK and Netherlands.

2011:  Gary Damkoehler, formerly CEO of JSA Medical, takes over as CEO; Launched first full scale, national direct-to-consumer sales campaign;BioDerm receives code verification from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to support billing under HCPCS Code A4326.

2012: BioDerm rebrands as Men’s Liberty in the consumer market and Safe n’ Dry in the acute care market; Introduces new adjunct product lines: BioPlus+, FreeDerm and CathGrip.

2013: 2 million Men’s Liberty™ catheters sold with no reported attributable adverse events (per the FDA’s MAUDE database); BioDerm brings on an independent sales team and national sales manager to drive growth; BioDerm awarded a U.S. Federal GSA Schedule contract under Schedule 65 II A—Medical Equipment and Supplies—identifying Bioderm as a “verified vendor” of urine collection products and accessories, for purchase by federal government agencies.

2014: BioDerm awarded Catheter Securement supplier agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance; Extends product line with the KindKlamp, a penile clamp; National Acute Care sales force formed.

2015:  New international distribution to Canada &  the Middle East; Extends CathGrip Line with the addition of Wing Seal and PEG Protect.

2016:  Gaet Tyranski becomes President of BioDerm and creates new management team by adding Shawn Stone VP Operations to the current team of Byron Dyke CFO and Joe Carrens VP Quality; Signs major Asian distribution agreements; receives MFDS/KFDA certification for Korea; Adds dedicated nurses to provide telephonic clinical support.

2017: BioDerm continues to drive innovation and submits three new patents; Rachel Scharfman joins as the new VP of Sales & Marketing.



BioDerm manufactures urology skin interface, and catheter securement products. BioDerm’s products are made from the company’s proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and moves like a second skin. The skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation unlike other acrylic-based securement devices.

  • Safe n' Dry External Catheter

Men’s Liberty™ is a completely external male urinary catheter, replaces diapers, condom catheters and indwelling catheters.

    • One size fits all design and over 24 hours of average wear time
    • Men’s Liberty is fully reimbursable through Medicare and most major medical insurances
    • Over 5 million units sold without any attributable adverse events reported to the FDA


Men’s Liberty Acute™ /  Safe n’ Dryis an acute care version of our male external catheter designed for institutional and hospital use. It is completely external and seals gently and securely to the tip of the penis with BioDerm’s proprietary hydrocolloid adhesive.

CathGrip® is a full product line of hydrocolloid medical tubing securement devices. Our universal securement system secures tubes from 2-47Fr with three sizing options on a hydrocolloid base. CathGrip can meet all your securement needs in only 11 SKUs, making it the new standard of care sought after by physicians, nurses and purchasing teams as it reduces SKUs in hospitals as competitors securement products are French size specific. Most patients see a wear time of 5-7 days and get less skin irritation while providing better adhesion.

Ancillary Products

        • KindKlampPatented penile clamp that temporarily stops the flow of urine while applying Men’s Liberty or otherwise
        • FreeDerm – Trade secret adhesive remover available in spray or ampoule form
        • BioPlus – Trade secret, alcohol free, barrier film layer on skin to improve adhesion of hydrocolloid appliances, tapes, bandages by more than 50%
        • Leg Bag– Urine collection bag attaches to Men’s Liberty, Safe ‘n Dry or Reliafit for added capacity


Customer CareAbout Us Call Center

BioDerm’s products are sold through its world-class customer service center, based in Largo, Florida. Customer service reps are trained to understand the conditions associated with urinary incontinence, and are extremely knowledgeable about all BioDerm’s products. All inquiries are handled with the utmost respect all the way through the discreet shipment directly to our customers’ homes. We handle the insurance and paperwork so our customers can attend to their most important business – living their lives.