BioPlus+™ – Protection, Comfort, Value


BioPlus Skin Prep Wipes

BioPlus+™ skin prep wipes provide a barrier film layer directly on the skin to improve the adhesion of hydrocolloids, appliances, tapes, and bandages. They are sting-free, Isopropyl alcohol-free, and dry quickly to form a transparent coating on the skin. BioPlus+™ is specifically formulated to improve the adhesion of BioDerm products; including Men’s Liberty™, CathGrip™, and Safe n’ Dry™.

  •  No Sting
  •  Quick Drying
  •  Protects skin from body fluids and adhesive stripping


*Before use, always read the “Directions” printed on the back of the BioPlus+™ packaging.

Part # Size Item Per Box Boxes Per Case
Wipe – 25301 3.75”x3.75” 25 12