BioDerm® Inc. Company Profile


Headquartered in Largo, Florida, BioDerm is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement, infection control and skin protection. The company challenges accepted inferior standards of care by creating products that reduce infection rates, add comfort and reliability, and vastly improve quality of life.

BioDerm’s subsidiary company, Wound Care Resources™ has specialized in insurance billing for patients with wounds since 2006. After becoming aware of the needs of the VAD community in 2010, WCR began billing patients’ insurance companies for surgical dressings needed for driveline exit site maintenance.

Company Evolution

1991: BioDerm, Inc. is founded begins R&D stage and early focus on latex gloves.

1997: FDA rules the External Continence Device (ECD) as 510(k) exempt.

2000: Began initial testing of proposed direct-to-consumer sales models.

2006: BioDerm begins testing sales of a redesigned and improved Liberty catheter with integral collection chamber; Medicare Part B reimbursement is granted under HCPCS Code A4326; First international sales begin to the UK and Netherlands.

2011: Launching full scale, national direct-to-consumer sales campaign; Gary Damkoehler, formerly CEO of JSA Medical, takes over as CEO; BioDerm receives code verification from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to support billing under HCPCS Code A4326.

2012: BioDerm rebrands as Men’s Liberty in the consumer market and Safe n’ Dry in the acute care market; Introduces new adjunct product lines: BioPlus+, FreeDerm and CathGrip.

2013: Reached 2 million Men’s Liberty™ catheters sold with no reported attributable adverse events (per the FDA’s MAUDE database); BioDerm brings on an independent sales team and national sales manager to drive growth; BioDerm awarded a U.S. Federal GSA Schedule contract under Schedule 65 II A—Medical Equipment and Supplies—identifying BioDerm as a “verified vendor” of urine collection products and accessories, for purchase by federal government agencies.

2014: BioDerm awarded Catheter Securement supplier agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance; Launch of BioDerm Penile Clamp; Acute Care sales force formed.

2015: Launch of new products to the CathGrip securement line, PEGprotect and WingSeal. Established new international distribution agreements in Canada and the Middle East. Built on-site clinical support team for patients, sales reps and healthcare professionals.

2016: BioDerm brings in new President, Gaet Tyranski, to accelerate growth in 2016 and beyond.

2017: BioDerm hires new Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Submitted 3 new patents.

2018: Reached 5 million Men’s Liberty™ external catheters sold with no reported attributable adverse events (per the FDA’s MAUDE database); BioDerm in partnership with Medline joined together to launch Men’s Liberty Acute in the USA & Canada in Q1 2018 and the CathGrip® family of products in Q4 2018. BioDerm also received a new patent for Men’s Liberty™  and launched an improved and safer design to consumers.

2019: BioDerm is issued patents for CathGrip line of products. Established retail presence for Men’s Liberty and ancillary products on Amazon. Gaet Tyranski appointed President & CEO; Gary Damkoehler retires from the management team, but remains Executive Chairman and Shawn Damkoehler appointed as Executive Vice Chairman. BioDerm completes acquisition of Wound Care Resources, Inc., a TN-based DME specializing in the provision of wound care supplies to VAD patients nationally. BioDerm is one of 50 Honorees for Grow FL Companies to Watch (#GFLCTW).

2020: Men’s Liberty, CathGrip, FreeDerm and KindKlamp are approved for Rx reimbursement. BioDerm is granted a Canadian patent for Men’s Liberty Acute, #3,058,756. Bioderm launches a new product – Faceplate Strip, a hydrocolloid strip designed to protect caregivers and patients from skin irritation due to excessive wear of PPE on the face. BioDerm, Inc., a leading provider of disposable medical devices and wound care supplies to patients with chronic conditions, announced it has received a strategic investment from Denver-based middle market private equity firm, Mountaingate Capital.  With its new partner, BioDerm plans to accelerate its organic growth and pursue acquisitions that will expand its product and service offerings for patients.


BioDerm manufactures urology skin interface, and catheter securement products. BioDerm’s products are made from the company’s proprietary hydrocolloid that is hypoallergenic, latex free, and moves like a second skin. The skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation unlike other acrylic-based securement devices.]

Men’s Liberty is a male external catheter designed especially for community dwelling men. It is completely external and applied just once a day, unlike condom catheters and adult diapers that can require multiple daily changes and can result in rashes, sores and infection. The discreet, one-size-fits-all option manages men’s urinary incontinence in a safe, healthy way. More than 5 million units have been used with zero reportable adverse events, including urinary tract infections.

Men’s Liberty Acute is a male external catheter designed for institutional and hospital use. It is completely external and seals gently and securely to the tip of the penis with BioDerm’s proprietary hydrocolloid adhesive. Men’s Liberty Acute is a revolutionary solution for male urinary management and is exclusively distributed by Medline in the USA and Canada.

CathGrip® is a universal catheter securement system. With soft no-slip grips that secure tubes from 3-47Fr and three sizing options for the hydrocolloid base, CathGrip can meet all your securement needs in only 11 SKUs, making it the new standard of care sought after by physicians, nurses and purchasing teams.

FreeDerm® Adhesive Remover is BioDerm’s trademark adhesive remover. Specially formulated to instantly remove hydrocolloid, tapes, and bandages, FreeDerm is available in spray or ampoule form. The FreeDerm spray bottle is ergonomically designed for customers with limited manual dexterity. FreeDerm adhesive remover is for external use only.

KindKlamp™ Penile Clamp is designed to temporarily stop the flow of urine through the urethra when applying the Men’s Liberty™. This simple male incontinence product helps men who are dribbling or leaking and are having trouble applying the Men’s Liberty device.

BioPlus+™ Skin Prep Wipe provides a barrier film layer directly on the skin to improve the adhesion of hydrocolloids, appliances, tapes, and bandages. They are sting-free, Isopropyl alcohol-free, and dry quickly to form a transparent coating on the skin. BioPlus+ is specifically formulated to improve the adhesion of BioDerm products.

Faceplate Strips help to prevent skin injuries and irritation due to face masks, glasses, and face shields. Face masks, glasses and face shields are a necessity and are being worn more frequently and for longer periods of time.  No matter how well your face PPE fits, constant wear time can cause skin injuries and irritation. The wing design will cover the bridge of your nose and cheek bones for up to 24 hours.

Wound Care Resources™ has specialized in insurance billing for patients with wounds since 2006. After becoming aware of the needs of the VAD community in 2010, WCR began billing patients’ insurance companies for surgical dressings needed for driveline exit site maintenance.

BioDerm’s products are a result of over a decade of research, development, and continual upgrades using improved materials, methods, and user feedback. The Men’s Liberty product was originally conceived by the company’s founder, Dr. Dennis Kay, based on his own personal experience with urinary incontinence. Dr. Kay knew there was a better way to manage men’s incontinence than the traditional methods such as adult diapers, condom catheters, etc. All BioDerm products aim to provide a superior patient experience through added comfort, reliability and safety.



BioDerm’s products are sold through its world-class customer service center, based in Largo, Florida. Customer service reps are trained to understand the conditions associated with urinary incontinence, and are extremely knowledgeable about all BioDerm’s products. All inquiries are handled with the utmost respect all the way through the discreet shipment directly to our customers’ homes. We handle the insurance and paperwork so our customers can attend to their most important business – living their lives.