TheraSafe™ –Therapeutic Phlebotomy


Created with safety and ease of use for both the patient and the caregiver in mind.

  • Clear unobstructed graduated measurements on the actual bag
  • Integrated Anti-reflux valve
  • Bag vent valve with an hemostatic filter
  • Several clamps provide patient safety and clinician safety
  • Detachable/Interchangeable patient access needle with built in safety design
  • Closed needleless connector for safer blood sampling with elimination of blood exposure
  • Convenient ergonomically designed bag holder

TheraSafe Therapeutic Phlebotomy set is designed specifically for the Therapeutic Phlebotomy procedure and is FDA registered


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Part #
SKU91000 17G x 1” Therapeutic Phlebotomy Bag 500 mL
SKU 91001 17G x 1” Therapeutic Phlebotomy Stand Set 7” wide 10” high
SKU 91002 Safety needle with fixed wing and female luer lock 17G x 1”


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